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Mental Athlete is a lifestyle brand for your brain. Inspired by life, backed by science, we offer evidence-based products to enhance mental performance.

Whatever your definition of success, whether it be performing better at work, mastering a new piece of music or having more energy to spend time with your family, we are about giving you scientifically proven strategies to help you do whatever you want to faster, better and for longer.

Founded by Australian Memory Championships medalist and record holder, Daniel Kilov, the Mental Athlete community is dedicated to converting cutting edge results from the cognitive sciences into practical, effective interventions for every-day use.



naturally occurring

increased processing
recall and learning.

THE ONLY Evidence
based memory and
cognitive optimiser

Bacopa Monnieri benefits to cognitive performance and memory

Panax Quinquefolius improved working memory performance

L-Theanine improved Rapid Visual Information Processing and reaction times


Optimem is an evidence based, memory and cognitive optimiser.

Optimem consists of a carefully selected combination of naturally occurring, cognitive enhancing substances.

Unlike other products on the market that are based on theoretical benefits or surrogate markers, the Optimem formulation was developed following an appraisal and review of evidence from randomised controlled trials with clinically defined, pre-set, outcomes. Designed to assist in optimising/potentiating a range of essential cognitive processes such as memory, recall and processing speed, optimem is ideally suited to anyone seeking a psychological edge.

Students, professionals and business executives are all likely to derive a benefit manifest as increased processing speed, memory and recall.

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